Brown Mountain hike

5.6 miles, 1:49 moving time.

On President’s Day, I went on a hike with my daughter and her best friend. We went up to La Canada, beside NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) to Brown Mountain Trail. It was a drizzly morning. We got soaks slowly. The creeks were full of water from all the recent rains. The sound of the rushing water, and the dribbling creeks was very pleasant. The girls had fun jumping over the water. We counted 14x river crossing coming down. I had forgotten my Garmin at home, so this was the first time I used the live Strava App. The Strava GPS and the picture-taking sucked almost all my phone battery. After a 2hr hike, we were hungry, so we got a snack at Julienne’s. While we waited for the food, the girls studied Calc and we picked our favorite Presidents. Finally, our sandwiches and salads arrived and there were great as always. Then, there was cheesecake! Thanks for a great President’s Day. Here’s to Reagan, JFK, and Lincoln.



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