bike tweaks

I added the last few upgrades to my Felt IA before Ironman St. George. They all worked like a charm today on the Bonelli loops and GMR climb. The power meter was easy read on both my Garmin 920XT watch and Garmin 810 bike computer.

I got a Shimano 6800, with 50/34. If you’re wondering why you want a compact crank read up here. Basically, the gearing is more favorable to climbing. Compact cranks v. standard.

I got the Pioneer Left Crank Upgrade kit. It’s a one sided (on the left) power meter that is mounted on the left side crank. My friends at Velo Pasadena had the meter installed onto the crank and calibrated at Pioneer. My Garmin pick up the power, cadence, etc. It’s awesome. Easier to deal with than the hub based meter. Cheaper than the rotor based, but that gives you two sided data (but, i’m not that interested in that detail of power). I use the power meter to even out my climbing/descending. I get a target power number from an FTP test. Target Fractions of the FTP can be targets on the climb so you don’t burn out. And targets not the flats so you keep up the work, even on the down hills.

My friend Alvin gave me a great tip.  TriSports has a great Torpedo BTA mount on your aero bars. The combo mount also has a Garmin mount out front so you can see it between your aero bars. It’s rock solid. Hard to see on my bike pics.



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