Ride Report: Long Beach

70.1 miles, 3:41 moving time, 1,427 ft elevation, 30 Strava trophies

With Ironman training in full swing for the club, there were two departure times and two routes for the Long Beach ride. The full Ironman group of Lynda, Bill, Bob, Tiffany, Peter, and Rudy, left at 7am from Sierra Madre. They were set for 100 mile ride and a run. The rest of the crew of me, Bryan, Ryan, Marco, Hank, and Mike, left at 7:30am. When I arrived at Sierra Madre to lead the ride, I found the Mt. Wilson Trail Run just about to start. Ryan and I watched the race start and then started out. We saw the many flags posted in the Arcadia Park for Memorial Day. It was a great day for a Long Beach ride. We entered the Rio Hondo Trail at a small golf course in Arcadia. It winds around Whittier. Eventually merges with the Los Angeles River Trail somewhere by Imperial Hwy. With minimal winds and high overcast clouds, it was a bright ride, but a very comfortable temperature. Ryan, Hank, Mike and I followed Bryan and Marco, who did most of the pulling. I had 30 Strava trophies, so they were really moving. Around mile 30, we saw the early crew coming up the trail and we waved and yelled for the split second that we saw each other.

Mike, Marco, Hank, Ryan, Bryan, Joe.


Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 10.33.43 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 10.33.55 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-27 at 10.39.30 PM

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