Nautica Malibu Triathlon – Race Report

Swim: 1.5k (0.9 mile)

Bike: 40km (24.8 miles)

Run: 10k (6.1 miles)

The Club competed at the Nautica Malibu International Distance (Olympic) Triathlon today. Great results too. Amazing! Congrats to the Clubmates on the Podium today: SteveM (2nd AG), Graziano (3rd AG/Cly), Tiffany (4th AG), MikeL + PeterC (6th Mens Relay), Kirk (7th AG). We had a bunch of PTC friends at the race: GT, Bob, Rudy, Graziano, Tiffany, PeterC, MikeL, Summer, Joe, Rudy, Ewina, and Yo. Lynda was playing fan-girl today and took lots of pictures of the club. Thanks!

The Race is set in spectacular Malibu, CA at Zuma Beach. We rode down in Lynda’s Sprinter van which left at 3:45am. Parking can be crazy there, but it worked out well today. Perfect Race conditions. Low waves, minor current. Tons of dolphins swimming around, very close to shore. It was awesome. Even the chick who sang the Star Spangled Banner was awesome

Swim: I wasn’t feeling very confident in the early morning, due to lack of sleep the night before. But, once I got wet I was ready to go. I had a great swim. It felt good. Low waves to start.  I got squeezed during the first buoy, then it spread out and I was fine. There were some swells about buoy #4 (of 6). I even passed guys in waves ahead of me. Low waves on the way in. I had a minor cramp in my calf as I exited. I made a mental note to take a bunch of Enduro-lytes as soon as I got to my bike.

The Bike was awesome just the most iconic California setting on PCH. This is where they literally shoot car commercials. Hilly rollers. I love my new Felt IA 10 TT bike. It was awesome. I had 25 strava trophies on the bike course. It was just beautiful. I kept my power at 200W on the uphills and downhills, until my speed was over 35 mph. There was one guy I couldn’t shake until the turnaround at mile 12. None of my friends passed me on the bike. I saw GT around the turnaround.

The Run sucked, but I knew that was coming. As I started out I saw Rudy and Bob finish the bike leg. I saw almost everyone pass me on the run.

Overall, 3:04. That’s probably my best Nautica time ever.

Afterwards we grabbed brunch at Marmalade Cafe in Westlake. Yummy.

Official numbers:

Swim 00:28:20
Bike 01:16:50
Run 01:11:17



You finished 671 out of 1095 in the INTERNATIONAL.
You finished 69 out of 85 in your class M45-49.

18338C78-D0FF-474D-AFE9-F3510C58FADB1D0977A5-523E-4601-B620-FB9F231F4DC1113C1046-B79F-4978-9B93-F0AB6C1BBAD919051729-832D-4CF4-9C37-6DD6D0414DC451CFB0C7-8184-4561-9106-FCD7846FE1309E27F871-ECC3-4970-A1BA-076AFC6ADF1CF651B67B-60C3-422D-9184-5F61B9DB2E072BFD9A0C-1FDC-4321-8CF7-CFCB9DCF55FB444C1623-B5DF-47F8-837F-E7A1AB2690FD4C7B4089-31A6-4484-BBF0-6A79BBB7EACBIMG_0425IMG_04278A65B546-6425-4677-9118-DDCB8C0C03AD695822D6-38FE-4F3F-8EC9-06E31E97F297DAC90899-FEBD-44F2-8786-8BB7B3B0991F945AE744-3A6A-4BF7-9CB5-B460D5E8CE77B5F2654E-386B-4E05-91F2-086D513CDA9F91D48817-CEDF-4160-86C6-B19C6A0C29CDIMG_04605819213B-C909-4D35-8E29-2C804EC99B9FF41C4BB7-5B64-4422-986D-2ABC5DFD293DD174D70D-47F3-41A1-A8E8-6B8887DD93E91D94773E-3C6F-43CA-9C6F-F7062FDAC9EEIMG_0514E378784F-5BD2-46ED-A2F3-30984AD5E64838DA0CD4-3C97-465E-9C52-8F951AC317F8IMG_5980IMG_5979Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 4.05.18 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-16 at 4.06.29 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-16 at 4.06.50 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-16 at 4.11.43 PM

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