apple fun day

Tuesday was Apple fun day. Thanks to a little inheritance money and a insider friend, I got a new Apple Watch Series 3, aluminum body silver with Milanese loop. BK got a new rose gold iPhone 7. Wahoo!

Features on Apple Watch

I’m excited about heart rate monitoring. I work on cardiac product in my day job and read about the Apple Watch in a clinical trial for monitoring heart conditions, like atrial fibrillation. See links below. The features I like in the watch. Strava app. Answering calls in wifi at home, when your phone is downstairs in your backpack. Siri can hear me whisper. Kinda wanna try the AirPods and playing music from my watch. Hesitating cuz I don’t want Apple Music subscription. Hoping 3rd party apps like amazon music will play blue tooth to AirPods, then I’m in for AirPods. The Milanese Loop is a cool smooth, stainless steel, magnetic piece of magic. This is my favorite band. Since I have a girlish-ly thin wrist, few watch bands feel this good. No big bumps or latches. There is a blue leather magnetic band that was a close second. I would probably sweat through the leather band. The photos on the watch are the coolest. I didn’t get the Cellular version, cuz I didn’t want to pay another monthly to the thieving provider. Other cool apps: Maps with haptic (arm buzz) Email. Texting from Siri. Apple pay. All cool stuff. I’m looking forward to not wearing my Garmin all day, and having everyone asking, ‘is that an apple watch?’ and me saying, ‘no, it’s a garmin.’ them ‘blank face’.  Now, I say, “Yes. Yes, it is.”

Iphone 7 for BK. His old hand-me-down iPhone 5 had a vertical screen crack that rendered key part of the screen dead. It had been limping along for a few months. He spent some of his surprise inheritance cash on a new phone. there was some internal debate about him having the best phone house. but, in the end, I am happy with mine and he’s happy with his.


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