Happy New Year and other parties

We had a blast over New Years. We went to Mosaic’s Hollywood to sing and enjoy MSC’s praise concert. It was a couple hours of loud, thumping, shout-your-lungs-out praise night. Awesome time. It ended with giant confetti poppers and then watched 17+ folks get baptized out front on Hollywood Blvd. They even had to tubs going to get them in and out faster. It was awesome. Afterwards, there were more parties to get to before the new year. Irene and I went to Swi’s place. B went to a friend’s place for an overnighter. M had a quite night with a friend. It was the first time in a while we didn’t get up early and go look at the floats. We slept in. Later, we hosted another party with local SoPas families and friends. We toasted the New Year 2018.


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