Race Report – Firecracker 10k Chinatown

6.2 miles, hills and firecrackers.

Happy Chinese New Year 4716, Year of the Dog. Hey, That’s my Year (1970)!

Bright and Cold (38F) morning, the Club met in Chinatown. The Dragon Dancers and Firecrackers went off at 7:30am. By the time the 10k started at 8:30am, it was warming up (50s). There were many club members coming in from all over town. We met in front of the red bank building which had a really loud speaker blasting. The course was different from last year, which was easier on the descents but same on the steep ascents. The course goes up and around Dodger Stadium. It has great views of the city. Then, you run through Elysian Park. The last few turns over and under the 110 Hwy, and you pop out at Chinatown again. I thought the course was a little long on miles. Alvin led the group over to the beer garden and on to dim sum lunch. The beer garden and bag check had long slow lines. But, the race is cool. The medal and t-shirts are always cool.

Lynda, Bill, Kirk, Deanna, GT, Joe, Blake, Paul, Daryl, Ryan, Bjoern, Jeritt, Mike, Swen, Bob, Helena, Alvin.

IMG_9738IMG_9739IMG_9741IMG_9748IMG_9754IMG_9757IMG_9763IMG_9764IMG_9765IMG_9767IMG_9768IMG_9769IMG_9770IMG_9771IMG_9774IMG_9775Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.59.51 AMScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 8.00.22 AM

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