Ride Report – Long Beach

71.48 miles, 3:51 moving time, 2,065 ft elevation, 8 Strava trophies

With a cold start at Sierra Madre, we picked up a few more at Arcadia Golf Course at the entrance to the Rio Hondo River Trail. RobE was sporting his new Felt TT Bike. It’s always nice to see a new bike! As we rolled down Santa Anita, Kevin cheered us on.

Sierra Madre: Lynda, Jeritt, Tyler, Gregg, David, Mark, Rob, Sezin, Blake, Jeff, Joe

+ Arcadia: Bob, Dino, Swen, Bjorn, Alvin

Club had some good safety reminders for riding to Long Beach. (1) Small groups for pace lines are safer: 5-6 riders max. (2) Stay out of aerobars while in a pace line, for safety of those around you. (3) To ride in aerobars, either pull in the front or lag behind the pack. (4) Watch out for unruly homeless in the underpasses.

The sun was out and warmed our hearts, if not our ears. We had very fortunate tail winds in BOTH directions. This made for a pleasant ride. I had a mechanical at about mile 24. My chain fell off during an incline. As I un-jammed it from my frame, I bent and twisted the chain. Bob had a chain breaker tool and Gregg had the skills to punch out the broken link and reattached the chain back together. THANKS GREGG! Lessons learned: Carry expanded tool kit, extra link, and practice popping links out and back in.

Regroup at Starbucks in Long Beach. I peeled off a layer, but it was still cool on the way back. We made great time, with the favorable tail winds.

IMG_9662IMG_9664IMG_9665IMG_9666IMG_9667IMG_9668IMG_9669IMG_9670IMG_9671IMG_9672IMG_9674IMG_9675IMG_9679IMG_9680Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.57.46 AMScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.58.00 AM


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