Ride Report- Mt. Wilson. HOT.

38.3 miles, 3:28 moving time, 5,051 ft elevation

Summer is in full swing. We met at La Canada and climbed up Angeles Crest Highway. It was warm to start and it just got warmer. The first re-group was at Clear Creek at Mile 9. Second was Red Box Mile 14. And the final re-group at the Cosmic Cafe at the Mt. Wilson, Observatory. I counted 29 motorcycles passing us on the way up, and a Ferrari convention. Lots of vehicular traffic on the way up. Not too bad on the way down. I was wiped by the time we got to the top of Mt. Wilson. The humidity was ~75%RH. I was drenched. The descent was fun. I could feel the warm and cool gusts from different canyons, as we blew down the hill. We cooled off at Panera with smoothies and lemonade. The A group took the hot scenic route home from Mt. Wilson. Lower T to Sunland. Whew! Bjoern said it hit 105F on the return trip through the valley.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 10.14.16 AM

Mike, Graz, Yo, GT, Julie, Evan, Ryan, Bob, Gregg, Bjoern, Peter. Joe. Dino, Jonathan, Alvin, Amy. Taro.


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