Ride Report – Bonelli Hot Loop

53.0 miles, 3:13 moving time, 2,358 ft elevation.

Club rode from Sierra Madre to Frank Bonelli Park in San Dimas. It has been a long hot summer and today was toasty. A recent delivery of fresh PTC kits arrived last week, so we saw a bunch of fresh white and black kits today. Nice. We rode east to Duarte’s Encanto Park for an 8am pickup. Lisa hosted a reasonably paced and moderate distance ride. It was great to see Lisa out on the ride again. THANKS, LISA. We congratulated Tyler for his 2nd AG place at IM Canada Whistler 70.3, which punched his ticket to World Championship in Nice, France 2019! As we rode through the San Gabriel River Trail through the Santa Fe Dam, we saw the burnt landscape. Yup, the brush fires hit close to home, which was a few weeks ago. David broke a front hub and spoke and went home early. The Loop around Frank Bonelli Park had lots of cars lined up for Raging Waters. We stopped for a water / potty break. The ride back was even more toasty that the first half. At Sierra Madre, we refueled with smoothies and ice cold brew coffee. Yum.

Lynda, David, Lisa, Kali, Carrie, Scott, Blake Trevor, Tyler, Gregg, Mike, Emilio, Tiffany, MikeK, Julie, Peter, GT, Jerrit, Hank, Yo, Graz, Ewina, Leanne, Anton, Bob. Joe.

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