PTC Summer Party!

The PTC Summer Party was a blast. Special Thanks to Bob and Brigette Montes for hosting the party at their lovely home! The Saturday ride to Mt. Wilson started and ended at Casa Montes. The garage AirBnb provided showers and freshness after the ride. Kids jumped in the pool, while the adults chilled on Jamba Juice smoothies, white wine sangria, beers of all sorts, red and white wine, and Aloe GLOE! For lunch we had a Taco Truck. Carnitas, asada, pollo. Salsa Mild, Hot and HOT HOT. Apple pies, cookies. Stuffed.

We had a raffle from generous donations from our local sponsors. Scroll down for the raffle details and winners.



Raffle winners

Run with Us: Hood. Yo.


Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. 1 month free membership. Scott and Kali. Lucky Pair.


Xterra goggles: Emilio and Blake


VeloFix. Free Tune up. Helena and Todd


Xterra swim bags: Blake, Tiffany, Todd, Mike


Golden Road Aquatics. One month free membership and GRA beer. Amy.


Golden Road Aquatics. GRA Swim bag, googles, cap, and beer. Bjoern. Fits the little too.


Tri This Coaching. Free massage. Emilio.


Around the Cycle. Service Tune Up. ($60). GT with Mike


Run with Us Goodie Back Pack. Socks and stuff. Todd.


Run with Us. Special Socks. Caroline.


Helmet. David.


Run With Us. $50 Gift Cert. Helena.


*the emojis preserve the anonymity of the children. it was requested that faces of children not be posted publicly. Since this post gets out there, the emoji happy face substitutes for the real life cuteness.

Thanks again to Bob and Brigette!

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