Ride Report – Cool Breeze Century

112.71 miles, 7:20 moving time, 6,272 ft elevation

24 PTC riders rode the Cool Breeze Century. Most of us caravanned from Eagle Rock with Lynda’s Sprinter van and trailers and my minivan. We left the house at 5am sharp and arrived at the Registration and Start by 6am. We did the Hilly Century, which was 112 miles. There was also a Regular Century, flat, boring, don’t-even-think-Lynda-will-let-you-do-that one, and a Metric and Double Metric Century. We started a hair before 7am (sorry we missed you Kali, Scott, and Grazi. don’t worry, they all caught to us later).

Mile 0. The Start. Ojai (say “o-high”). School district building.

Gregg, Bill, Dave, Lynda, Bob, Luis, Ryan, Mike, Marco, Steve, Ben, Julie, Lindsay, Leanne, Amy, GT, Tiffany, Blake, Joe, George, Danny, Kirk. Alvin, Rich, Kimberly, Christy.


Registration. Pick up the route sheet. Just in case.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.56.35 PM



Mile 16. Casitas Pass. The first big climb up Highway 33. A view of Lake Casitas was awesome. It was warm and humid. But, sunny and beautiful. I was drenched by the time we summitted. I continued to sweat buckets throughout the day. I went through 6 big bottles, tons of electrolyte pills. Dino, Rich, Alvin, pulled Grazi up to meet us. Thanks, Alvin. Sorry, Grazi (he ducked into the restroom at the start and we left. oops.) It was good to see Rich again!


Mile 24.8. Rest Stop #1.Rincon Beach Park.

Great spread. PBJ. Bananas. Oranges. Melon. Pretzels. Granola Bars. Water. Gatorade. Bike support. Bathrooms. We would be back here later (much later) at Mile 97 for the Popsicle Stop.


We rode through the country side of Ojai, Carpenteria and Montecito. Why, hello there Ophrah, your little manse looks great.

Mile 39.4. Rest Stop #2. Manning Park. Full food, water, fruit, etc. Everything you needed. At this point. I finished off my home made PBJ’s cuz I knew they would have them later. We would be back here later (much later) at Mile 86, when my sun glasses would meet a sad filthy end.




Ride through Montecito and Santa Barbara was amazing. Beverly Hills by the Sea.


Mile 41. Second Big Climb.

Ridge rode along the top of SB was spectacular views of the city, ocean.


Ride through SB and Goleta.

Mile 65.7. Rest Stop #3. Stow Grove Park. LUNCH.

This was an idyllic big redwood grove park. It was perfect for lunch. Huge food spread. ICE COLD SODA ($1 uncharge, thanks Tiffany, Amy!).


Kali and Scott caught up to us.



Mile 76. Yup. 24 riders still hanging together. Fun Times at the Coast. Cliff Road, Santa Barbara.


Along the water front in SB. State Street.


(Mile 86. RS#4. Lost sunglasses. Danny confirmed they fell out of my jersey and into a porta-potty. Time for new glasses).

Ride along the coast through SB and Carpenteria was great. I was getting tired though.

Mile 79.2. RS#5 Popsicle Stop. This was the best.


We rode on the bike path right next to Highway 101 and the beach. AWESOME.


Mile 112. Finish line.

They had okay food BBQ tofu, pork, potato salad, cole slaw, ice tea and lemonade.  But, the best was the Showers. omg. That felt great. They had an adjacent school property open for bathrooms and 2 showers. That was nice.

Mile 113. Dinner. We caravanned to Cafe Fiero, in downtown Ventura. Cheers! Many stories were told. Fun times.


This was my first time riding Cool Breeze. It’s the same day as my daughter’s birthday, every year. Since she started college last week, I was able to make it. and It’s great. Wonderful Ride. Well organized and supported!


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