Ride Report – Long Ride. Ironman Training. Duarte to Newport Beach.

121.59 miles, 7:15:16 moving time, 2,904 ft elevation

Preparing for Ironman Louisville, which is about 4 weeks away, we rode long and hard today.

Mile 0: 6am start time. Darkness and cool morning.  Lynda, George, Leanne, Steve, Joe, GT, Bob, Mike, Sven. We rode east to Glendora Mountain Road (GMR) for 12 miles and back. Hwy 39 was the planned route, but it was closed due to fire damage. Lost my sunglasses again, damit. Expensive Ride. And a flat. Double boo. I shook off the bad vibes and had a great rest of the day.

Mile 12: Flip it at GMR. Picked up Tiff. GT had flat at the flip point.

Mile 24: Back to San Gabriel River Trail (SGRT). Rode it all the way down to Long Beach.

Mile 44: Tunnel of Doom. Lynda was directionally challenged and missed the tunnel. Bob was amused. Sven snuck up on me in the dark and scared me. Few miles down, Alvin and Monte caught up to us. Generous tail winds! Good work to Monte: for his first century.

Mile 57: End of SGRT. Turned onto Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH).

Mile 59: Taco Bell Stop. Refuel and regroup. Seal Beach.

Mile ~62: Sven and Alvin got together. Road rash ensued. Sven met his family and swapped wheels with Alvin.

Mile 72: Flipped it in Newport Beach. Warming up, but cooler by the beach.

Mile 82: Circle K at Mobil. Refuel and potty stop. Seal Beach.

Mile 86: Back on SGRT. Generous tails winds home. It got HOT HOT.

Mile 95-120: Honestly remember anything in the heat. I got dropped and withered my way back.

Whew. Glad is done. Grabbed late lunch at Farmer Boys.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 9.08.35 PM9QI31zmiQEOCxxSDAZt0XAMNAYUstQQU+dmkEB+km39w4D0%dJ5GTAiAfyohVjAdcgx8nPh9c5QgGpdiXKbKjbFgQ5HRjMjtSrCAPEBx0NPBQwRP3ebLxeQTa+odrnIlde6wwC3y%vw3SEqGacNzolAJSgreIqDYrqR229NWjSNDtXhQ85gFpLnYQv2GFgAepZL%NAIMG_5067WhkLrekwSACFr0DHs93gPAIMG_5068qTyU30GISmWDRH8GFOCW5A

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