Last Brick 2018 – Loops with Pizza Brick

19.1 miles, 53:30 moving time. 807 ft elevation

Allen lead off our last Brick of 2018. Loops around the bowl. 2 friendly laps, then the green light. A Group pulled away on the west side. B-Group was led out by Gregg, and a large train was following him. After 6 laps, we turned in for a quick a run, and pizza party.

Special Thanks to Allen for organizing this years 2018 Bricks! Well Done! We appreciate all your hard work in putting the bricks together.

Thanks to Lynda for organizing the Pizza Party! Families joined. Good times.

I+kATKq%TvCtZ6N453kRfA9FbDEgU9Qwaz9XSB5qoViwRlOtSNyST%KKxQnLsZqFTwScreen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.33.43 PMoplsMr1NShyxNYyaCmLGTAmBkpr9VZRZyvZfwfElQC7gFVoC%VTjT3SlVfFekeSucQLecbxvCdRK+R8pbJSxqVLQdP6KuoXvRduZMgmA53wtiQmwrMwuITTMyoiL%tyl5EgASzirLS9%ReOyz6mnSb6iZgWYBzDSfeGgVyjLPQyxgrCoxUEFlTp2slLwI5liawA


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