Ride Report – GMR – Mt. Baldy

48.17 miles, 3:25:55 moving time, 3,881 ft elevation gain

We club met on a cool Saturday morning in Sierra Madre. We rode across to Encanto Park and picked up a few more in Duarte. We rode up the San Gabriel River Trail just a bit then turned off and rode across Sierra Madre to Glendora Mountain Road. Whew. Tired just getting to the bottom of the mountain. The gate was closed to vehicular traffic, which was really nice and quiet. Air quality was okay. We lucked out that all the wildfire smoke was blowing away from us. We rode up the big GMR grade and re-grouped at the top. I had time constraints today and flipped it at the top. Turns out I wasn’t along in the flip. The rest of the group continued on to Mt. Baldy. Bjoern shared pics of the local scorpion and the beautiful scenery at Mt. Baldy. Well Done. [PS. GO BRUINS!]



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