Cross training: Climbing at Stronghold Climbing Gym

The Club took it to the climbing gym, Stronghold Climbing Gym. Julie, Michel, and George are climbing regulars and hosted us for a fun day of climbing. I had a blast climbing up the walls. The experienced folks shared their time and talents by holding our belay! Thank you. I learned about the rating system and the climbing culture. I’m afraid of heights, so I’d get halfway up and have to take a deep breath and trust friend at the other end. It was fun to spectate and watch the other guys climb. It is amazing to watch, as you get more acquainted with the challenges and the difficulties, you learn more and more. Awesome time. After the wall climbing with ropes, we hit the bouldering (no ropes). Yikes. Afterwards, the adrenaline wore off and I needed a nap and rest my fingers. Still, hours later, I can barely type this out. I had great time. Definitely gonna go back. I learned a lot. Body control. Strength, balance, positioning, momentum. I had a great time.

New friend, Mike, Julie, GT Michel, Joe, (and George).



Spiderman Micehel


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