Boney Mountain 21k Race Report

13.1 miles, 2,700 ft of climbing

Boney Mtn Xterra Trail Race. This was re-scheduled from January, cuz it got rained out. But, I think this is much better time of year. The sun was out, the flowers were gorgeous and the hills were green. Much different from a few years ago, after the wildfires. That year, the course looked like a moon-scape. This year, the brush was way over grown, scratchy scratchy at your legs and arms all way. Watch your feet for the rutted out trails. Watch your head too:Dead branches will poke you in the eye. The winds really picked up at the end. Giant head wind on the last mile back. I took my camelback cuz there’s no water from mile 6 to 12.

Oh boy, this was a tough run. Super steep. but, it was the most scenic run in years. Wildflowers blooming and butterflies everywhere. Topped off with a scrumptious pancake celebration at CiCi’s. Yum.

My personal comment is that this race is crazy steep, hard.

Gregg, Ryan, Sven, Danny and son, Tyler, Lynda, Bob, and Joe


Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 3.39.06 PM.png

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