Ride Report – Bonelli Loop

52.93 miles, 3:33 moving time, 2,464 ft elevation

Party cloudy day. Not rainy, so that’s a good thing. But, it never seemed to warm up either. Bonelli Loop was a good effort and it was great to see everybody today and ride.

There was water in the San Gabriel River. That was weird. There was water in the Santa Fe Dam. Weirder. And flowing through the Dam. And all the hills were green. Amazing.

Hmmmm, where was Lynda? How many times has she given us grief about riding on Saturday, no matter what race is coming up on Sunday…. We saw Ben whizz by us. and he’s racing tomorrow. I guess some people have come around to rest days before big races. hmmm… G’luck to all the LA Marathoners out there, wherever you may be.

Peter, Steve, Bill, Erick, Tiff, Leanne, Bob, Elysa, Rob, Evan, Joe.


At Encanto, added Anton, Any, MikeW, MikeK, Blake.

kBavYOQoQrmRAyRWMpdNhgVem2hKF+T0yf4RiSDKUxNgL60DMI7BT86fzT6f1doiGAdAgZ7H3JR76NGvyCTSEEdgRfb7cpvSSH6mZlqmewckNQt12mQz3zQzyPEfxqHWreIgScreen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.19.12 PM

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