Ride Report – GMR

54.04 miles, 4:01 moving time, 4,606 ft elevation

GREAT DAY in the saddle. Perfect day. Not too cold; not too hot. Green mountains. Snow capped mountains in the distance. Gate at GMR (Glendora Mountain Road) was closed to auto traffic! Awesome.

PTC had a good size crew out today. 26+ riders.

We started at Sierra Madre and rode over to Encanto Park in Duarte and picked up a few kore. We took the bike path on the San Gabriel for a little bit then rode along Sierra Madre east over to GMR. Then up up and up GMR. It’s about 8 mile climb from Gate to Crest. Time trial 1:11 for me.

The descent down the Backside of GMR is my favorite descent. Not too steep. Most beautiful hills. Just soak it all in. But, stop at the other GATE! The Creek at the bottom was flowing high. Picturesque.

We stopped at the Cafe and refueled. Met a few friends there too. Potty stop. Also so perfect timing.

We rode along East Fork and crossed the bridge. There was a ton of water under the bridge. I have never seen water under the bridge. This was a big rainy year, all the dams along the back were full and they were releasing water down the San Gabriel River. We road down Hwy 39, Azusa Canyon, and merged onto the San Gabriel River Trail.

We regrouped at Encanto, and left some folks there. The rest rode back to Sierra Madre. Tiff got a flat, and Bjorn changed it with her.

Welcome New Members: Johnny and Monica!

Kirk had a new bike too. Sweet. The suspension on the front tube is killer. And the Di2 with auto shifter mode. Hood buttons to control Garmin screen. Nice.

GT, Bob, Lindsay, Lynda, Tiff, Gregg, Simone, Rob, Amy, Kali, Steve, Blake, Rudy, Scott, Paul, Ryan, Johnny, Mike, Monica, Sven, Kirk, Leanne, Bjoern, Bill, Mark, Joe




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