Ride Report – Cogswell Dam

56.4 miles, 3:55 moving time, 3,660 ft elevation

Perfect SoCal day for riding. Spring has sprung and so has the perfect weather. The sun was shining. It was a cool start from Sierra Madre. We picked up a few more at Encanto Park. Then, we turned up the San Gabriel River Trail to the end. Kept up Hwy 39 Azusa Canyon. The dams were full of water. I stopped at the dam, and took a picture of Bald Eaglets in the trees. East Fork Bridge was over water. West Fork was amazing. The spring sun was filtering down through the trees. The creek was bustling. There were a bit too many gnats and bugs, we had to keep our mouths closed. Cogwell Dam was full too. The most water I’ve ever seen in it. Wow. On the ride back down, Jonathan got a flat. We recovered at Starbucks with iced tea, coffees, and smoothies.

The crew was a bit smaller this week since some were climbing their brains out at Mulholland Challenge today.

Leanne, Rich, Dino, Jonathan, Alvin, Mike, Amy, Carrie, Marco, Anton, Paul, Joe. Mark.


Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 9.46.03 PM

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