Brick – Pizza Beer Cake and Good bye, Rich!

22.28 miles, 1:24 moving time, 1,610 ft elevation.

Brick this week had it all. A ride, pizza, cake, and fond farewell to our dear friend Rich Strauss.

The ride was 2 social laps (A group +1). Up to Descanso Garden in La Canada Flintridge. Back down to Linda Vista. Up Glen Oaks. Turn out at Patrician (A Group + End of the World). It was getting dark by the time I got the ride done. The pizza was already cooling off. So, I kicked back and chatted up old friends, Rich and Marvin, who brought along his doggo Rio.

Rich was the founder of PTC back in the day. He’s moving out to Boulder, CO. I remember attending Rich’s swim clinic along time ago. I could barely make it across the pool back then. It sure has been fun. Super fun night.

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