Race Prep – Ironman 70.3 St. George UT

This year, we have 13 racers going out to Ironman 70.3 St. George UT. Fun times. The fun days before a race are the best. The anticipation, the nerves, the previews. Hanging out with friends, tweaking little things on all your gear.

With a Saturday race day, we left on Wednesday and returned on Sunday. And back to work on Monday morning. The road trip is a 6+ hr drive from LA to St. George. It’s about an hour past Las Vegas on I-15. I hopped on a ride with Lynda in the sprinter van. Packing with a sprinter van is a no-brainer: just bring it all.

On Wednesday, we arrived at the hotel and checked in. We shook out our legs with a short 3 mile run around town. Then, we drove the 2nd half of the bike course, which heads west of the city and up through Snow Canyon. As the sun was heading down, the light in Snow Canyon was beautiful.

On Thursday, we finished all our previews. We started by riding our bike on the Run Course. The run course is basically a 3 mile climb + 3 mile flat / roller to the bluff that sits above the town. The flat and rollers is like another world. It’s desert landscape with red rocks. Then, 2 out and backs and then, back down the way you came. The Red Rock at Pioneer Park is cool.

Quick change at the hotel and snack at Starbucks, then drove out to Sand Hollow for a swim preview. The reservoir was filled up. The red sand beach was under water. The ramps from the reservoir go down directly to the water. Leanne was off and swimming loops around. Amy and I swam out 1000 yds to two buoys, and then swam to the big rock formation. We sat on the rocks at waved at Jaime, who was plucking his guitar at the picnic tables. The water temp was very cool, but not breath taking cold. There definitely cold patches in the water too. The Swim Course is basic square around the big rock formation. The water was fairly clear, you could see the sun rays glistening down through the light green blue water.

We returned to town for Registration. All the early bird type-A kids were lined up at registration. It was kind of a wait through there. Then, we shopped. I got a IM70.3 ST.G Cycling Jersey and tri shorts. Also, I always get a t-shirt with everyone’s name on it. Then, it was dinner time. A few more friends had arrived in to join us for dinner.

I moved all my gear over from the hotel to the rental house, where a group of PTC are staying for the rest of the weekend. I stayed up a little too late on Thursday, putting all my stickers on my gear, and packing my stuff in the IM Bags. You have to pack each bag separately: Bike Bag, Run Bag, Morning Bag.

On Friday, it was feet up Friday. No workouts. We took it easy. Went back to the IM village and local Red Rock Bike Shop. We bought food for the after-race party.

Mandatory Bike Drop Off at T1 Sand Hollow. The new ‘clean’ transition has transitioning out of your swim gear and into your bike gear in a bull pen, then running to your bike.

Mandatory Run Drop Off at T2 at Town Center. Hot parking lot. Hang your shoes.

Feet up. Light dinner. Go to bed early. RACE DAY TOMORROW.



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