Transition Brick – Pizza Brick

Fun Times at Transition Brick with Pizza Brick, sponsored by VELO Pasadena!

Special thank to VELO for the Pizza! The Pinarello E-Bikes were great!

Bike – Run – Bike – Run – Bike – Run – Bike – Run – Bike – Run – Bike – Run

GT and Leanne gave a Transition Tips. Run your bike in the transition area (really, Lynda). Clip your shoes into the pedals. Remember where your bike is. Hook bike on Rack, front facing out. Stage your run gear by the front wheel.

Special thanks for great event, to Leanne, GT, Lynda, and all the elves that helped set up and tear down!




One thought on “Transition Brick – Pizza Brick

  1. Hi Joe,

    Question – do you wear sunscreen when you go biking outside? If so, what brand or type of sunscreen do you use/recommend?

    Thank you.

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