Ride Report – Backside GMR

37.30 miles, 3,767 ft elevation, 2:42 moving time

On a beautiful sunny SoCal day, the Club rode from Pasadena up Azusa Canyon up the backside of Glendora Mountain Road (GMR). Wow. It was a great day to ride. Just super fun day to get outside. We passed the Eagle’s nest stop, but today no body was home. No eagles today, boo. We refueled at the Cafe at Camp Williams. Then, 5 mile climb to the top. At the top of the World, there was a choice to take. Turn and climb up to Mt. Baldy or continue down the front of GMR and come home. I think Mark, Bjoern, Peter, and Rob took the Baldy challenge.

Blake, Mike, Lynda, GT, Bill, Bjoern, Kristen, Mark, Gregg, Ryan, Peter, Grazi, Hank, Sue, Leanne, Seb, Elise, Rob.

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