Ride Report – Mt. Wilson

38.45 miles, 3:24 moving time, 4,541 ft elevation gain

On a warm summer morning, the Club rode up to Mt. Wilson. We parked and gathered on a side street overpass on the 210, which is open parking all day. From there, it got hotter and steeper. It was 89F. whew! I had to catch my breath on the climb today, just dripping from the heated effort. We paused at Clear Creek, where Marcelo flipped it. We kicked it up to RedBox and refilled. We applied some mental fortitude and kept going. The Angeles Crest Highway was still closed at Redbox to all traffic, including bikes and hikers. Still working on the road up there. The last stretch of ~5 miles from RedBox to Mt. Wilson is steeper, but has some shade. The views were pretty awesome. For a couple guys, it was their first time to the top of Mt. Wilson. Well Done. 👍 . The descent is super fun. From Mt. Wilson to Redbox, the descent has some tight turns. After Redbox, it’s all long sweeping turns on the Highway. My Garmin Varia rear radar worked great for alerting to cars behind me on the descent. I refreshed with a cold peach blueberry smoothie at Panera. Ahhh.

James, Mike, Leanne, Jim, Kirk, Gregg, Rob, Felipe, Philip, Peter, Paul, Mark, Marcelo, Joe

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