Ride Report – Long Beach

59.41 miles, 3:11 moving time, 1,188 ft elevation gain (from Arcadia to Long Beach)

On a nice summer morning the Club rode from Sierra Madre to Long Beach. I was running late this morning, cuz we had friends over way too late last night. Anyway, I caught up with the Club at the Arcadia 9 Hole Golf Course, which is where we enter the Upper Rio Hondo River Trail. Big group today. Great turn out, especially for such a big ride. The group naturally separates into packs by similar speeds. The Upper Rio Hondo River Trail connects to the Lower Rio Hondo River Trail in Whitter, this the transition on San Gabriel Blvd, near RoseMead. The Lower Rio Hondo merges with the Los Angeles River Trail at Imperial Hwy and runs parallel with the 710 Fwy down to Long Beach. We refueled at Starbucks and rode back up. The north bound trip had a friendly tail wind.

Ben, Lynda, MikeW, Jim, Hank, Bill, MikeM, Carrie, Leanne, Elysa, Scoot, JeffB, Henry, Alex, Bob, Paul, James, Rob, Bjoern, Gregg, Peter, Joe, Hank, Jo, Julie.

Unfortunately, there were two crashes on our ride today. On the southbound trip, James touched wheels and went down. He was seriously injured and sent home in an Uber. On the northbound trip, the A-Group came up on a large rock on the bike path, under a shady underpass. Scott, Alex, and Jim all went down. Heavy road rash and banged up bikes ensued. They all went home with Uber or family pickups.  Accidents happen and unfortunately today we caught a big rash of them. Let’s do our best to continue to ride safely and watch out for each other. Lynda will be sending out a reminder on safe group riding and a bike path overview. Best wishes on a speedy recovery to the guys and their bikes. 🙂


Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.28.09 PM

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