Swim Report – Naples Island, Long Beach

4,504 yds (2.5 miles) 1:38 moving time.

On a cloudy Sunday Swim, a few of the Club swam around Naples Island in Long Beach, CA. A day following Cool Breeze Century found a few less swimmers than usual. We started from Belmont Shores in Long Beach, then went around the Naples Island. The water temp was 67 – 72F, which felt fine to me. Other guys felt it was cold, but I’ve felt this swim on much colder days. I hung back with Mike, who hadn’t swam this far before. He got about 2000 yds into it and hoofed it back to the start. I wore a bright cap and a bright buoy, which made it easier for Mike to follow me. There were odd warm spots along the big stretch before the main bridge; wasn’t me! There were a bunch of dragon boats and scullers and kayaks. Everyone was out and about. There was also a big swimming event at Belmont Shore. Some of our friends were competing in that race too. Mike Lucero came in top 10!

MikeM, Erick, Gregg, Lynda, Marcelo, Joe


Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 8.30.50 PM

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