Glass Blowing – KT GlassWorks

For fun day with the Family today, we signed up for glass blowing at KT Glassworks. It was a total blast. So much fun. Interesting, engaging, dangerous, sophisticated, beautiful.

After seeing glass blowing in Venice, Italy summer 2018, I was excited to try it myself. Then, Netflix had a reality TV show Blown Away, which was a great show about glass blowing. I really had to go after that.

Basics – Marble. Intro to tools and working with molten glass. Fun fact: marbles are called marbles cuz the glass balls were rolled out on a marble table in Venice.

Then we learned about picking up color and twisting the glass to make a colored. Paper weight – adventure of color and form. After poking and twisting, another load of clear glass covered the colored ball. Forming the ball took some real work.

Glass bowl and Vase. Working with a large blob of glass, we picked up color and formed a ball then had an assistant blow it into a bubble. For a vase you pinch it off and you’re done. For a bowl, the bubble is cooled on one side and heated on the other. Then the air is sucked out.

Our KT instructors showed us how to make a Venetian goblet. Beautiful! We bought the demo too.

All the pieces were annealed or slowly cooled over night. We picked up the pieces the next day. Wahoo! Super fun. Highly recommended.