Run Report. Pasadena Half Marathon

13.1 miles.

The Club met at zero dark thirty at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Fortunately, Lynda has friends at the Pasadena Pacers, who let us crash their Rose Bowl Locker Room privileges. Nice and warm. Clean bathrooms. Warm up time. It was awesome for gear check place too. Thanks, Carol!

The race was home town advantage. We knew every corner. It was great to see all our fast runners taking off!

My run was not great, but as expected. Miles 1-7 were surprisingly okay. Then lower back pain and tweaks knees. Run/ shuffle/ walked off the rest.

After the race, we had breakfast at the Brookside country club. Yum. Then nap time!

The key is getting there early, else they close the roads into the Arroyo and you miss the race.


Scott Chaney 1:22:21 (4th AG, 21st OA)
James Kim 1:26:28 (13th AG)
Blake Young 1:27:48 (10th AG)
Marco T. 1:29:47
Rudy Q 1:34:22
Mark Schmidt (aka Alan Horsager) 1:34:43
Ryan T 1:34:47
Simone Porcu 1:35:58 (15th AG)
Graz 1:45:02
Paul Green 1:46:28
Sven Nolte 1:46:37
Alvin 1:47:45
David VYPERz Chen 1:49:28
Aren 1:50:09
Danny 1:51:56
Carrie H. Little 1:54:51 (4th AG)
Dale 1:58:42
Emilio Campos 1:59:14
Mike Messex 2:01:11
Greg Magee 2:01:29
Robert Wright (my 55th Bday!) 2:02:15
GT 2:06:10
Julie 2:06:11
Lynda 2:32:04
Sue 2:38:30
Neal Genda 2:46:22 (6th AG)
Joe 2:49:17
Paul Maurin (5K) 25:53
Caroline Nolte (5K) 32:02
Jacqui Dziak (5k) 39:10

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