Ride Report – Mt. Gleason. Angeles Crest Hwy – Angeles Forest Hwy.

46.77 miles, 4:34 moving time, 5.798 ft elevation

Thin high clouds crossed a bright blue sky, on a chilly morning. The Club is hibernating in ‘stay at home’ mode, during the coronavirus epidemic. So, I rode up toward Mt. Gleason on my new bike, with just a couple close friends. We started out from La Canada and rode straight up Angeles Crest Hwy to Clearcreek station. We turned left onto Angeles Crest Highway. I hadn’t ever ridden this particular spot. We connected with Lower Big Tajunga Canyon and pulled over at Monte Cristo Fire Station. Then, we climbed up Upper Big Tajunga Canyon. Gusty cold winds, steep climbs. We saw all kinds of specialty car clubs zipping by: Ferrari club, Bentley Club, Maseratti Club. (Some too close to us than others). We got back onto Angeles Crest Hwy and climbed back to RedBox. On the final descent, there was a Mountain Search and Rescue repelling down the side of the rode to retrieve a fallen driver. Stay inside your skill set.

A14C4FD6-F4FC-472B-9C35-EE7F7464B5D5B117EA72-7729-4FC5-8ADC-974F34243179F1FF47D7-371B-420C-A48E-04DE75DE1D5B7AF5616B-F5BA-4EE6-9F59-18BC9143CC9FADE6E602-9D3A-4073-96EF-96D71971B7346E1EEE20-A1CF-4CAA-A334-2DA6412F55D57FECEA15-CB96-4FC5-951F-3F84A1ED63AEScreen Shot 2020-03-28 at 6.35.39 PM73487D86-754B-41A5-938D-5E095E42ED4010F1A1E6-5473-405A-9C99-75A317F40C50D8F1A7D4-A53D-4177-ACDF-FD04BB33E6AEAD402688-71B3-4ABE-9BA5-B6982196B5BC

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