Ride Report – Backside of GMR. Eagles.

54.18 miles, 4:21 moving time, 4,409 ft elevation gain

On a cool blustery day, the Club went climbing up Azusa Canyon and up the Back side of Glendora Mountain Road (GMR). After a week of COVID-19 self quarantining, everyone came out to enjoy a ride in the mountains. As we rode, we easy spread out to a socially acceptable distance, easy to do on a bike, especially as the climb stretched the group apart. It was a beautiful day to ride. I had the extra fun of taking out my new birthday bike for its maiden voyage. It was great. We started off from Starbucks in Sierra Madre (which was closed) and rolled to Encanto Park in Duarte, and picked up another crew.

Lynda, Bill, Danny, Jeff, Ahmad, Joe, Cali, Scott, Sue, David, GT, Julie, Bob, Alvin, Marco, Ryan, Tiff, Trevor, Michel, Mike W, MichaelH.

By the dams along the Azusa Canyon, we saw a couple of bald eagles. They were coaxing the eaglets into the nest. The mountains were topped with snow from the recent rain. The dams were mostly filled. Glorious morning. When the clouds cast shadows, the temperature dropped a lot. We crossed the bridge at East Fork and regrouped at the cafe, which was also closed. Andy P was cruising around and he joined us for the climb up the back side of GMR. The climb was long and hard (for me). At the top the wind picked up. The descent down the front side of GMR was CHILLY! We rolled back to Encanto and Sierra Madre and found some coffee to warm up.




51700FE2-2100-4005-9418-91E5DCFF75596DED0E10-A5AE-4941-8BE8-73E5566481F3252DABDB-2474-4C74-8C8A-39119B7613901B972F3E-B33E-44AD-A633-9DA78A1C33C6B39F9CAF-6DCB-48AC-9D5A-4676CFAD9459043CE932-AB3E-4BD1-9F44-6AFF053283D50C488E28-25FE-466F-A8AB-2026E7EF4BAFScreen Shot 2020-03-21 at 3.22.09 PM

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