Swim Report – Belmont Shore

3,000 yds, 1:04 moving time.

Beautiful sunny day at Belmont Shore Beach in Long Beach. The swim area was packed with swimmers of all sorts. Families, water polo teams, and our favorite: Triathletes. I love my ROKA Maverick II. [It goes one unbelievably easily. Each time, I’m in shock. I pull up each leg over my calf so that the ROKA dot is on my knees, then ‘whoop’ it slips up over my thighs, waist and belly. It’s nothing short of amazing.]

Water was cold when we first get in. We swam a cool 3,000 yds. Sue, Lynda, Danny, Joe, Bob, Tiff (not pictured). My family came down too, to enjoy the sunshine while we swam. My daughter brought her hammock to hang out. Yuri was paddleboarding with his daughter and snapped a couple cool pics of us in the water. Thanks, Yuri!

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