Ride Report – La Canada — Mt. Wilson

38.65 miles, 3:50:14 time, 4.874 ft elevation

Alvin, Lynda, Bill, Joe, Ryan, Paul, Steve, Gregg, Erick, Marisa, Mike, Kirk, Rudy, MikeW, Sue, Bob

The Club rode up Angeles Crest Highway. The original route was to do Upper Big Tujunga and Lower Big Tujunga, but Angeles Crest was closed at Red Box. So, the Club Rode up to Mt. Wilson. Late November can be cold, so we brought along vests and arm warmers. There were cold spots in the shade. There was a fair amount of auto and moto traffic at least to Clear Creek, at the intersection of Angeles Forest Highway. As we climbed up the mountain we could see the damage from the recent wildfires. The trees were burnt and the road and rocks were red from fire retardant. At the top, the burnt trees were just across the road from the communication tower, indicating how close the fires were. Yikes. The air was clear and the views were great. The LA basin was a hazy as we looked down on the city. But, great day for a ride.

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