Upper Big Tujunga – Angeles Crest – Angeles Forest

46.75 miles, 4:40 moving time, 5,587 ft ascent

On a cold winter morning, the Club met at Starbucks in La Canada. Today’s ride was Up Up and Away. We climbed up Angeles Crest Hwy to Upper Big Tujunga Canyon. Wow.

Gregg D., Lynda, Paul, Mike O., Rob E., Joe, Raul, Julian, Sue, David C., Rob, Bill, Steve, Jeff.

Mile 0. Right off the bat, we climbed up through the city to the highway. Usual exotic car traffic out with their Ferraris.

Mile 9: Clear Creek. Climbing warmed us up, but still cold winds. Potty break.

Mile 15: Peak at Red Box. Hikers were out, but not as many as the past month. Maybe they’re mask free and running back to the mall. Refill water.

Mile 19: Peak at turn off Angeles Crest Hwy to Upper Big Tujunga Canyon. It’s quiet and beautiful. Headwinds on the long descent. No more cars, no more riders. The road is all ours.

Mile 28: Turn off to Angeles Forest Hwy. Monte Cristo Fire Station. Water available, but didn’t need it. Climb and Descend. Climb climb. Tunnel. Old bridge over gorge.

Mile 32: Turn off to Angeles Forest, headed back to Clear Creek, instead of down to Lower Big Tujunga. This was last brutal climb at the end. So tired. I ate all my adrenal pills and most of my food today. Tough Ride. Clear Creek down to La Canada, quick descent. No cars on the way down. Excellent.

Mile 46. Snacks at Hill St. Cafe.

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