Ride Report – Thursday Climbing Ride

17.18 miles, 2:12 moving time, 3,251 ft elevation

Cold Cloudy Christmas Eve Morning. Club went riding in the local hills in Glendale, La Cañada, Pasadena. We met at Glendale/Eagle Rock Park N Ride. These are the hills we climbed: 1. Glenoaks. 2. AvonOak. 3. Mountain from Verdugo to Emerald Isle. 4. Lenore. 5. Hampstead. 6. Sugarloaf. 7. St. Katherine. Emerald Isle from Chevy Chase to Mountain. Bonus points back up AvonOak. Lynda had a mechanical at the start of Hampstead. Philip and Joe were able to work it free and carry one. Gregg called an audible and hit the hills in a random order. I love vacation days!

Kudos to Philip on his first Thursday Climbing Ride. And didn’t get lost.

Mark, Philip, Bill, Lynda, Gregg, Bert, Marisa, Erick, Paul, Joe, and Jeff

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