Ride Report – Griffith Park

39.60 miles, 3:16 moving time, 3,327 ft elevation

Cool December morning. Cool day for a ride. Club met on the last Saturday of 2020 for a ride to Griffith Park. We met at Jones Coffee in Pasadena. Rode west through Eagle Rock, Glendale. We climbed up Trash Truck hill to the Griffith Park Observatory. Beautiful views of the Valley and the City. We took pictures with the Hollywood sign. Rode down the LA side and back up to the Observatory. We rode through Griffith Park and down the Los Angeles River Trail. Back through Eagle Rock. Up La Loma and Up Arbor. Coffee and snacks at Jones. Great end to a wild year. Ryan and Sue each had a mechanical. It warmed up nicely by the time we finished.

Happy End to 2020! Time to go After-Christmas-Shopping!

Congrats on first time with club to Griffith Park to Julien, Rick, and Marisa.

Jeff, Rick, Erick, Gregg, Paul, Gregg, Bill, Dave, Cali, Marisa, Alvin, Lynda, Ryan, Julien, Sue, Joe

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