Ride Report – Long Beach

71.0 miles, 4:13 moving time, 1,282 ft elevation

Elsa, Bert, Erick, Gregg, PaulM, PaulG, Jeff, Lynda, Bill, Bob, Joe, Mark, Dave, Julien, Raoul, Rick, Alvin, David, Eddie, Dale, Sue.

Birthday Girls this weekend: Lynda, Sue, and Elsa! Elsa rode her longest ride today on birthday ride. Wahoo!

Cool sunny morning in Sierra Madre. Club rolled down to Arcadia Golf Course and picked up a few more. We picked up the Upper Rio Hondo Trail. Crossed over to San Gabriel / Durfee / Rosemead to Lower Rio Hondo Trail. The trail merges with the Los Angeles River Trail and heads straight sound to Long Beach. We were fortunate with the winds today. Long Beach has a thick fog when we arrived. It was lifting while we refueled at Starbucks. It warmed up to be a beautiful SoCal day. The ride back was smooth sailing. We made a potty stop at Bosque Del Rio Hondo (back at San Gabriel / Rosemead). This was a flat course to get our your TT bike and aero bars. Just remember not to go aero in a group, only in aero when you’re in the front or off the back (it’s a safety thing). Dave mentioned at the fast group had a nice pace line rolling home.

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