Run Report – Fecta #1. The Hills 10k.

6.1 miles, 1:28 time

The first leg of the PTC Fecta. The Hills 10k. We’ll be tracking the Strava results. Club members who met IRL (in real life) ran this morning at 8am. The rest of the Club could log their miles throughout FECTA time (until Feb. Coming up in the next few weeks: Half Marathons. Beach (flat) Run at Long Beach. Hilly Run (La Canada to the Rose Bowl and back).

Today started with a freezing cold start 37F. We met at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. We could see snow-capped mountain tops from last night’s cold rain storm. We ran up Seco and Up Glen Oaks, to Patrician. Flipped it at Patrician and down to Linda Vista, around to Salvia Canyon and back to the Rose Bowl. The sun was rising and the dinosaurs were growling.

At the finish line, Hot coffee and snacks. Special Thanks to Lynda and Alvin for setting up a Fun Fecta for the Club.

Lynda, Bill, Joe, Mark, Alvin, Sue, John, Anack, Ana, James, Elsa, Ahmed, Paul, Bob, Steve, Gregg, Dave, Marisa, Erick, Mike. Also seen, Rick, Julien, Bert.

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