Ride Report – Wet Resolution Ride

38.79 miles, 3:26 moving the, 3,500 ft

On a cold, blustery, wet morning, I waited for a preemptive email from Lynda to call off the ride. Cuz, our general policy is that we don’t ride on the rainy days. But, the email never came. We met at Jones Coffee. And at 7:30am, the ground was dry and the sky was holding back. So, we rode. We took to the old resolution ride around the edges of Pasadena. We rode east through Pasadena and up Sierra Madre to New York and wiggled up to the top of Lake Ave. We clawed our way up Chaney Trail and there was a bit of sun and blue skies. We kept riding across Altadena, and La Canada to Descanso. The skies darkened and the sprinkles started. We rode up Foothill and turned down Dunsmore. The descent through Montrose was real rain. The roads were wet. We got to Verdugo and there were votes to go home and vote to go back up Chevy Chase. I lost the vote count. I had dressed for cold. But found out the hard way, that my new thermal bib tights were not waterproof. Gregg had a mechanical at Holly, just before we finished. Got back to Jones cold and wet. Quickly drove home for a hot hot shower to warm up and a nap.

Lynda, Gregg, Steve, Paul, Marisa, Erick, and Joe

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