Ride Report – Sunday Mt. Wilson

38.55 miles, 3:38 moving time, 4,731 ft elevation

Alvin, Philip, and Joe climbed up Angeles Crest Highway early on Easter Morning.

I missed the club ride yesterday (family stuff), so I met the guys and went climbing this morning. The weather was perfect. Cool in the shade and warm in the sun. Tons and tons of cars and motorbikes.

Mile 9. Clear Creek. Most of the traffic went over the mountain to Angeles Crest Highway. So, less traffic.

Mile 14 Red Box. Clear and beautiful day.

Mile 19. Mt. Wilson. Can see a lot of burned trees from last year’s Bobcat Fire. Icy snow patches hiding in the shady side of the mountain. View over LA was amazing. The observatory was closed. We zipped back to La Canada and home for Easter festivities.

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