Long Beach Ride

70 miles, Headwinds down, Tailwinds up.

Riders (21): Peter, Erick, Marisa, Dwayne, Philip, Bert, Bill, Steve, Lynda, MikeK, Gregg, Paul, Mark, Ryan, Joe, Alvin, Ray, Bob, David, Raul, MikeW

Great day for a long ride. Great to see a lot of folks returning! Peter got a bright GREEN Canyon bike. Wahoo!

Bunch of folks were sporting their new PTC KITS! Wahoo!

Club met at Sierra Madre for a long ride down to Long Beach, along the Rio Hondo River Trail and Los Angeles River Trail. Club rolled down from Sierra Madre to Arcadia 3 Par gold course. Pickup a few more, like Joe, who overslept, and Alvin who lives around the block. Ray had a flat, so the group took a break before heading down the Rio Hondo. We had headwinds pretty much all the way down to Long Beach. The trails were pretty clear today. Not too much bike traffic, not too much homeless activities in the morning. Club naturally separates into different pace groups and work together as we ride together. Fast group gets a longer break at Starbucks in Long Beach. We refueled and rode back up. The tailwinds were terrific on the way back such a relief. It was cool and cloudy down in Long Beach, but the sunny most of the way back and warmed up a lot. Nice time.

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