Ride Report – Big Tujunga

53.27 miles, 4:46 moving time, 5,898 ft elevation

Philip, Lynda, Bill, John, Ryan, Alvin, Erick, Marisa, Joe, Paul, Gregg, Michael, Peter.

On a cool and cloudy, dark and stormy morning, the Club met in La Canada Starbucks and considered what the day may hold. The forecast didn’t say anything about rain, but it was heavy mist.

Mile 1: We rode up Foothill all along Montrose, and Sunland.

Mile 8: We turned up Mt. Gleason and up Big Tujunga. Climbing for 28 miles, with a few minor descents.

Mile 9: The clouds broke through to a beautiful blue skies. Whew. I’m glad it went our way. It was a long long constant climb from 6000 ft. a few cars, but a lot quieter than Angeles Forest Highway. That came later. We just kept climbing. Wild flowers were blooming and water was in the reservoirs.

Mile 24: We filled up at the Fire Station. Then climbed some more. Cool Breezes were blowing as at the sun was really warming us up.

Mile 34: Turned onto Angeles Crest Highway. You can still see a lot of the burnt trees.

Mile 37: Finally, the descent. We stopped at Red Box for a potty break. Lynda, Paul, Marisa and I met up with Michael. We could see the clouds below us between Red Box and Clear Creek. We put on few more layers for the chilly, bumpy, crowded descent.

Mile 52: Slightly frozen from the descent into La Canada. Snacks at Starbucks to warm us up.

Great ride today! Spectacular views!

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