Ride Report – Griffith Park

38.47 miles, 3:17 moving time, 3,158 ft ascent

On a warm summer morning, the Club rode to Hollywood.

Ray, Philip, Kirk, Doug, Maria, Lynda, Tiffany, Rick, Raul, Elsa, Bert, Steve, James, Gary, Mike W, Mark, Ahmed, Greg M., Paul G., Michael, Peter D., Bill, Joe, Visitor Andy, Rachel, Michael B.

We rode through Eagle Rock, and Glendale. There was an Evil little addition of Avondale. We rode along Mountain and down Sonora to the Griffith Park. We climbed up the backside of the Griffith Park to the Griffith Observatory. Boy the closed road really sucks. Over the crest and down the front side to Los Felix. Steve hit one of the potholes too hard and flatted. I stopped and helped, or least took a picture of him fixing it. We caught up the to Club at the Observatory. Peter, Gregg, Mark, Visitor Andy got bonus points with multiple loops on the front side. We climbed back up the Hollywood hill and over to the Valley side. We rolled around the outer Griffith Park and hopped onto the Los Angeles River Trail at Riverside Drive. Along the 5 Fwy to Fletcher. Doug had a spoke snap somewhere along the ride, his wobbly rear made it home fine. We rode home to Pasadena with hilly jaunts up La Loma and Arbor. Refreshments at Jones Coffee.

Great Summer Ride. More long Race Training coming soon.

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