Ride Report – Seal Beach Ride. Hot One

77.36 miles, 4:42 moving time, 1,045 ft ascent, 95F

80 Mile Crew: Marisa, Maria, Mike W., Ryan, Dale, Kirk, Tiffany, Dan, Gary, Joe, Mike B..

120 Mile Crew: Lynda, Steve, Chris G., Eric, Philip, James.

Started with early group, but went shorter: Gregg, Sue

Started with later group, but went longer. Peter, Alvin, Paul G.

On a warm Labor Day Weekend Saturday, the Club met up early for a long ride. There were two groups going out. The Full Ironman crew left at 6:30am and the 70.3 Ironman crew took off at 7:00am. And a few folks started with the wrong group and went a different distance. I was in the 7am group. We started from Encanto Park in Duarte. It was cool enough in the morning, but the forecast was for high 90s by the mid-day. So we took off and kept up a good pace to try to beat the heat.

Mile 1: We crossed the bridge and took the San Gabriel River Trail south bound almost to the end.

Mile 14: We regrouped at the Whitter split. Left and continued down the SGRT. This is at the dam with a golf course, which is an important water stop on the way back. An oasis.

Mile 15: Down one big block and you cross over the river to the other side, usually on the wrong side of the road, for quick access to the Spiral of Death. This is a steep, narrow corkscrew from the street to the River Trail.

Mile 16: Tunnel of Doom. A steep underpass at Whittier Blvd. Narrow. They fixed it up in the last couple years. There are lights now, and the deep side gutters are not as scary in the light.

Mile 17-25: Railroad flats. I call this section the railroad flat. rundown railroad underpasses, follow along the 605 Fwy.

Mile 31: Cross over Coyote Creek in Big Steel Bridge

Mile 32-34: Tumbleweeds were overgrown and encroaching on the path. Path is narrow and lots of riders and runners in both directions and “researchers” staring at the creek water. weirdos. We saw Gregg and Sue heading back up the Trail here.

Mile 39: Got off San Gabriel River Trail at Pac Coast Highway (PCH). Rode down PCH for 5 miles and refueled at Mobil / Circle K, at Warner and PCH.

Mile 39: We rode up Pacific Ave along Sunset Beach. Couldn’t see much, even though we were 100 feet from the Ocean.

Mile 40-60: Slowing down and heating up.

Mile 62: Big water stop at the Golf Course. Sat down. Potty stop. It was a hair drier hot from here on back. Slowed down a lot. Drank a lot.

Mile 71: At the bottom of the Santa Fe Dam at the trail end, we stopped and had a Diet Coke under the tree. I tipped the guy. Hero without a cape.

Mile 77: Laid down at the car in Encanto. 96F in the shade. finished more bottles.

Kudos to a several folks on their longest ride.

Maria: 77 miles!

Chris G: 122 Miles! well done, guys.

Life lessons. Electrolytes. Drinking constantly. Resting in the shade to cool off and lower heart rate. Start early.

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