PTC Big Day – Report. Swim, Bike, Run 

Marisa, Julien, Rex, Sue, Steve, Lynda, James, Joe, Eric, Bert, Peter D., Maria, Mike W., Tiffany, Raul, Rachel, Robin.

Great Day in Long Beach at Belmont Shore. We swam, we rode, and we ran. Lynda has been doing overtime planning special training days for our clubmates who are training for Ironman California and Ironman 70.3 Oceanside.

Weather was perfect all day long. Ok, well there some winds on the southbound ride, but still cool and breezy.

Swim: 45 minute timed swim. From Checkered buoy toward Buoys A, B, C.

I got 2000 yds in 45 minutes. I swam from the checkered buoy to buoy B and the wall. I flipped it and came back. I brought a few swimmers back with me. Others kept going. It was nice to get ready for the bike together and head out together.

Bike: 42.05 miles, 2:33 moving time, 466 ft elevation.

We rode from Belmont Shore to the south end of the San Gabriel River Trail. We rode up 20 miles to the tunnel of doom. I was feeling good and strong, but in reality, there were some tail winds boosting us up the trail. At the tunnel, we regrouped. The full Ironman crew kept going north. They were on for 70 miles ride total. I flipped it and headed south. The ride back was noticeably slower into the head winds. Bummer. [also made emergency potty stop.]

Run. 6.1 miles. Some ran more or less, depending on when their bike leg finished and they could resist the call of Lunch. I’m not naming names. It took me some time to recoup my energy and mental state. But, I did resist the Lunch calls and made it to the run/walk. [Still nursing ankle pain.]

Whew full day. When I got back from the run, I saw Lynda and Steve and Sue heading out for their run. Go get ’em!

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