Ride Report – La Tuna Canyon

41.24 miles, 3:22 moving time, 3.606 ft elevation

Cool foggy morning, the Club rode west into the Valley and up La Tuna Canyon.

Peter, Ray, Kirk, Tiffany, Mike W., Mike O., Mike K., Larry, Julien, Rick, Bob, Joe, Marisa, Jeffrey, Eric.

Bob led the crew through Eagle Rock and Glendale. We got bonus climbs up Avondale. Back to the regular route along Mountain and Kenneth, through Burbank. Onto Glenoaks and turned up La Tuna Canyon. The sun was breaking through the fog and we were climbing up the canyon. We rolled down through Montrose. Tiff had a mechanical. Kirk rolled with her to a Montrose Bike Shop. They got some great shopping down while the shop fixed the shifter cable. The rest rolled down to Chevy Chase. We got double bonus points for climbing to the top of Chevy Chase then triple bonus points for climbing up St. Katherine’s. oh my word. what a day. Final 4th bonus point was on Arbor, before a well deserved coffee treat at Jones Coffee.

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