Spartan Malibu. [giveaway]

I have a new friend at Spartan Races, so I am pushing his SoCal Race in Malibu for him.

I even have a free entry code to Giveaway!

Dec 6 (Sat) and Dec 7 (Sun). Malibu, CA.

Fire and Water and Dirt Barbed Wire. It’s crazy.


Leave a comment on this post to enter a drawing for the free entry to Spartan Race, Malibu. Include an email address that I can contact you. G’luck, Warriors! Entry will be drawn on Midnight 11/23/14.


8 thoughts on “Spartan Malibu. [giveaway]

  1. Luis, Congrats! you won the entry. I’ll email you the code directly.
    Everybody else, you won a 10% discount code too. Everybody is a winner. I’ll send you the code via email later tonight. Thanks for playing! joe

  2. I haven’t exactly stepped out of my comfort zone yet, but a Spartan sprint would be just the thing to make me do it.

  3. Spartan Races are definitely the most challenging obstacle course races I’ve run. It can be an expensive sport so I’m hoping to supplement with a free entry.

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