Ride Report – Griffith Park

39.93 miles, 3:18 moving time, 3,450 ft acsent

Great ride up to Griffith Park Observatory. 

Dave, Raul, Julian, Hank, Maria, Joe, Paul, Ryan, Mike K., Mark S., Mark M., Bob, Gregg D., Mike O., Kirk, Ray, Eric, Lynda, Alvin, Gary, Bill, Julie, Peter, Ari, Jim

Mile 0: Start at Jones Coffee in Pasadena.

Mile 7: Ride Through Old Town Pasadena, Through the top of Eagle Rock. Through Glendale. Stupid steep Avondale.

MIle 12: Ride along Mountain through Glendale, Down Sonora to the back side entrance to Griffith Park. 

Mile 17.3: Climb to the top of Griffith Park. Down the canyon and back up. Peter and Company did bonus laps. Climb back the way we came over to the Valley Side.

Mile 23.5: Descent down the crappy road. 

Mile 30.1: Ride through Griffith Park, golf area to Los Felix, and hop on the Los Angeles River Trail.

Mile 39: Exit river trail at Fletcher. Ride through Eagle Rock Blvd. Yosemite. Up La Loma. Across the La Loma Bridge. Back track to Arbor. and Snacks back at Jones Coffee.

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