Ride Report – River Trails

37.82 miles, 2:25 moving time, 1,125 ft elevation

Lynda, Rob, Bert, Kirk, James, Joe, Paul, Maria, Mike, Dave, Sue, Greg, Bob.

Chilly start, but the sun was out and warmed us up. The crew is prepping for tomorrow’s Surf City Half Marathon, the River Trails is a nice flat ride.

Mile 0: Start at Starbucks in Sierra Madre. Roll down to Monrovia, across Colorado. Ride along Live Oak through Duarte to Encanto Park.

Mile 8: Pick up Encanto Park. Cross the bridge. Lots of water. Roll down the San Gabriel Bike Trail to Santa Fe Dam Recreation area.

Mile 11: Ride along top of Santa Fe Dam. Lots of water releasing from dam and water was flowing throughout the flood control. Everything was uncharacteristically green. 

Mile 22: Exit San Gabriel River Trail and ride on Durfee Ave. Cross Rosemead Blvd and enter Upper Rio Hondo River Trail. Ride up through the Whittier Narrows Rec Area.

Mile 30: End of Rio Hondo Trail at Peck Road Water Conservation Park. The Bike bath across the dam was flooded out. Whole park was under water, except for a bike trail along the edge near the houses. We took Peck Road to Las Tunas. Climbed back to Sierra Madre.

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