Ride Report – Bonelli Loop

53.05 miles, 3:39 moving time, 2,365 ft elevation

Joe, Bert, Lynda, Carrie, Larry, Dave, Greg, Mike O., Mike W., Peter, Jeff (guest)

Mile 0: Start at Sierra Madre’s Starbucks. Cold start. Partly cloudy. Didn’t really warm up.

Mile 8: Pick up at Encanto Park in Duarte. Cross Bridge. Down San Gabriel River Trail.

Mile 11: Across the Santa Fe Dam. East along Arrow Hwy.

Mile 19: Turn on Cerritos. East along Gladstone. Several large packs of riders passed us. Saw Jeff B.

Mile 24: Right on San Dimas. Down to Bonelli Park. Loop around the Airport, Pomona Fair Grounds and Bonelli Park.

Mile 31: Snack and potty break in the Park.

Mile 35: West on Foothill, Sierra Madre. Up to Glendora Mtn Road. No bonus climb today.

Mile 45: Back at Encanto. Last 8 slog back to Sierra Madre

Mile 53: Bonus Brick Run. 2 miles.

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